Wooden houses

Wood features a certain kind of sensitivity and consciousness, that as has been demonstrated by scientific experiments. The forest has a deep symbolic meaning to all religions, traditional cultures or philosophies. It is so embedded in the social consciousness that certain national characteristics are often associated with a certain tree: think, for example, of oak in France, lime in Germany, birch in Russia, white fir in Siberia, ash in Scandinavia, sequoia in America, baobab in Africa, maple in Canada, and so on. 

Wooden houses are regarded as the most sophisticated kind of dwelling in every part of the world. People have known for centuries that wood gives strength and helps maintain spiritual harmony. These types of houses make people more relaxed, inspired and creative. There are reasons for this.


Wood maintains heat

Wooden walls ensure excellent insulation: the level of heat insulation is several times higher than that of a brick or concrete wall of similar thickness. A wooden wall of between 24 and 26 cm will save as much heat as a 1.2 m brick wall. Wooden walls accumulate heat and distribute it evenly throughout the entire room, keeping your house warm even when it is freezing cold outside. Thanks to their unique heat insulation properties, a wooden house is not only warm in winter, but also cool in the summer.

Wood is good for your health

Wood is a natural building material, and doesn’t have any harmful effects on the human body. What’s more, it has been proven that the warm and "sunny" colour of natural wood has a positive effect on the human mind, calming the nervous system and creating a relaxing environment.

The electrostatic properties of wood

The electrostatic properties of wood ensure that no static electricity is generated in the room and prevents dust generation. This is particular important for those who suffer from allergies. Wooden houses do not require air conditioning. Everyone knows that wooden houses are green, but many people are not aware that wooden houses do not need air conditioning systems because of the natural ventilation process that takes place through the walls.