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Wood is a natural and durable building material. Humans have used wood as a building material for centuries. It ensures a favourable micro climate at home, absorbs excess humidity from the outdoor environment and gives it back it, when necessary. Windows and doors made from this valuable and environmentally friendly material contribute for a cosy and warm aura indoors and give tasteful look to the façade. Wood is also a very practical building material. It is characterised by a long service life, high mechanical endurance and good thermal insulation properties. Out of all contemporary materials used for the manufacturing of window systems, wood has the lowest thermal conductivity. This means that the material provides the best thermal insulation properties. By selecting wooden windows with insulated glass units you not only save thermal energy, but also reduce heat emission.


Pine and oak are the most popular raw materials for production of wooden windows. We can manufacture windows by using other types of wood to your order. Wood is a durable material, it is characterised by good soundproofing properties. It is considered that 90% of noises enter the building through doors and windows. Noise and interrupted sleep may cause several health problems. As we know, the quality of sleep provides for the recovery of brain and body, which is the basis for maintaining good health. Soundproof wooden windows are a good solution for city conditions, because they protect the house from the ambient noises. Wooden windows can improve your quality of life by creating a relaxing atmosphere at home. The windows produced by Pavasars Ltd. are characterised by very high sound absorption - up to 38dB. For comparison, the sound absorption coefficient of a 15 cm thick expanded clay block, which is used in construction, equals approximately 20dB, which is twice less than the soundproofing of wooden windows.

Energy savings

A set of strict rules regarding the use and saving of heat refer to energy efficient homes. One of the solutions is high quality, thermal insulation windows. Substandard windows may result in 35% of the heat loss. The thicker is a window frame and the thicker is the multiple glass unit, the lower is the heat loss coefficient, characterised by Uw. Thicker window frame permits the use of triple pane insulated glass units, which considerably improves the energy efficiency of the window. The use of selective glass and filling the insulated glass unit with inert gas improves the thermal insulation coefficient of the window. The inert gas increases the temperature within the glass unit, thus retaining the indoor temperature even in cases of low temperatures outdoors.

The wood can be renovated

As time passes, the renovation of wooden windows may be performed for indefinite number of times in line with the changes of interior and façade. These adaptations are impossible in case of PVC windows. Wooden windows can be easily renovated in case of scratching or damage, while PVC windows will remain damaged until they are replaced.