Wooden - aluminum front doors

This type of wooden doors features a safety system: a multipoint locking mechanism. This secure locking mechanism is convenient and easy to use, even though the multipoint system is sufficiently complex to ensure a high level of security. Naturally, the PLATIN front doors maintain good sound and heat insulation properties and improve the visual appearance of the building. Aluminium finish protects this door from the elements.

Front doors can be made from pine or oak wood.

Standard front door kit:


  • door thickness 92 mm;
  • double glazing 48 mm;
  • decorative glass available – tempered, laminated, fireproof;
  • frame 68x90mm;
  • leaf 92x135;
  • panelling made of wood panels with integrated polyethylene foam film with foil, glass packs or panes;
  • profiled or smooth panelling;
  • finish: varnishes, paints, impregnators and silicone by Remmers;
  • KFV fittings by SB un Partneri;
  • Schegel door seals by VBH;
  • U= 0.5 W/m2K un 0.79 W/m2K