About wood

panel houses

Wood panel houses are becoming increasingly popular, both in Latvia and over the world. Wood is a great building material for both private homes and larger buildings. 

The wide variety of finishing choices means that whatever your dreams and desires are, they will be fulfilled. Buildings of this type are popular because the panel construction and the materials used ensure a pleasant temperature both in cold winter weather and in summer heat. Wooden houses of this type are far less susceptible to land oscillations and are very well-suited to places with unstable soil, thanks to their steady structure and light weight. Wooden panel houses can also be built on a slab foundation.

One of the main advantages of this kind of house is the short duration of construction and, of course, the relatively low cost. A standard project can be completed out within 1-2 months of the order being made. We can design the house according to your specifications or we can prepare one for you. We also offer great standard solutions. The whole house will be built in our indoor plant (thus avoiding weather-related production delays and the absorption of moisture which could result from building it outside); assembly at the location where you want it will take only a couple of days.


Advantages and Benefits of Panel Houses from PAVASARS Ltd.

1. The main advantage of wood panel houses is their low construction and maintenance cost.

2. Thanks to the low weight, the foundation does not need to be as massive as in case of other buildings, contributing to significant savings.

3. The design of the panel house allows it to be built on either pile or slab foundations, something that is particularly important in areas where the soil is unstable.

4. Wood frame houses are very popular in seismically active areas because they are not vulnerable to earthquakes.

5. Thanks to the professionally laid heat insulation, the relatively thin exterior walls (20 cm in Latvia) ensure the creation of a pleasant temperature in winter, as well as in summer, meaning you will save significant amounts of money both during construction of the house and after it is ready.

6. To ensure that your dream comes true as soon as possible, we produce the house within one month of receiving the order.

7. By ordering your panel house from Pavasars Ltd., you are choosing a long-lasting and high-quality home. We can guarantee this thanks to the experience of our qualified experts and technology that has been perfected over many years.

8. We offer turnkey construction so that you do not need to spend time on site supervision. We produce all the necessary components (windows, doors, cladding, lathing, stairs, etc.) and our professionals know how to assemble them.

9. We offer a full construction cycle, from the idea to the turnkey.

10. Wood panel houses can be also assembled in winter.

11. We offer standard panel sandwiches, but we can also custom make one according to your specification.